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For more that a century, C. R. Bard, Inc. has been advancing the delivery of healthcare innovative products and services that meet the needs of healthcare providers and patients. Located in Covington; Georgia, USA; Bard Medical Divisioncommitted to pursuing tecnological innovations that offer superior clinical benefits while helping to recude overall health care costs. Focused on their core values of Quality, Integrity, Service and innovation, Bard Medical will improve the quality of patient healthcare with essential. This makes them a provider of choice for clinicians in the venous access, urology and women's health disease state.


Today, Bard is a leader in products that focus on Disease State Management in three key areas: Vascular, Urology and Oncology. To complement these areas, Bard has a complate line of adnced Surgical Specialty Products and Services. With Their mission "To Advance lives and the delivery of healthcare by profitably developing, manufacturing and marketing value-driven products which meet the quality, integrity, service and innovation expectations of our costumers while providing opportunities for our employees", they will optimeze shareholder value and be a respected worldwide healthcare company.



  • EnCor ENSPIRE®

  • EnCor ULTRA®