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Jena Surgical, based at the hearth of the optical industry in the German city of Jena, designs and sells laser devices for general surgery and precision microsurgery. They manufacture flexible and microscope-assisted laser systems for surgical teams around the world.

Jena Surgical workstations are mostly used in cutting-edge gynecology, urology, oncology and otolaryngology. These are solutions created from proprietary technologies by international teams and multidisciplinary expertise that aim to make the work in operating room faster, more accurate and less invasive.

The excellence of “Made in Germany” technology is the real strength of Jena Surgical today and is leveraged for the creation of solutions that achieve the highest performance and reliability among clinical applications

  • SmartXide²

  • SmartXide HS

  • MultiPulse Tm+1470

  • MultiPulse Ho

  • MultiPulse HoPLUS