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KaVo Kerr, established in 2016, combines two global leader with a long history of innovation and commitment to Dental Excellent and a common purpose of enabling healthy, beautiful smiles. we are committed to bo your premier dental solutions provider while providing exceptional costomer experience globally.


The KaVo Kerr portfolio of brans and products enable dental diagnosis and treatment solutions spanning restoratives, digital imaging solution, treatment units, rotaty instruments, laboratory equipment, infection prevention and practice education.


Kerr's long history of innovation began in 1891 in Deroit, Michigan and expanded to the Europen Market in 1893. KaVo was established in 1909 in Berlin with the motto of "Quality and Precision" which continues to be the foundation for our continued excellence and innovation.


The KaVo brand has expanded to include such marque brands in the dental industry as DEXIS, i-CAT, Gendex and NOMAD. Pelton & Crane, a leader in treatment units that was established in 1900, along with Pentron and Metrex, are also part of the KaVo Kerr family.


  • KaVo ESTETICA® E30

  • KaVo Primus™ 1058 Life

  • KaVo ESTETICA® E70/E80 Vision

  • KaVo ESTETICA™ E50 Life