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KaVo. Dental Excellent.

With in a thriving record of over 100 years of unprecedented innovation, KaVo dental is the foremost international leader in the dental industry.

KaVo is a dental products manufacturer with in a comprehensive array of dental products ranges from skillfully designed dental instruments to state-of-the -art dental practice equipment. Our company is internationally certified, championing consistent and resounding approval by the world's most discerning, critical and respected regulators. We as a dental products manufacturer consistently exceeds the industry's standars in costomer service, high quality dental products and employee satisfaction.

  • KaVo ESTETICA® E30

  • KaVo ESTETICA® E70/E80 Vision

  • KaVo Primus™ 1058 Life

  • KaVo ESTETICA™ E50 Life