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We are proud to offer the advanced equipment with shockwave-based systems to provide solution for ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION and KIDNEY STONE treatment. Our equipment also offer multiple benefits such as more effective clinical results, non-medication treatment and easy to operate. They are also designed very compact and mobile, fit for any medical facility.


For minimally invasive
, we also provide the unmatched precision and safety LASER for ENT, Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) and lithotripsy treatments. Our offer does not produce any carbonization or necrosis, leaving the surgical field free and clearly visible to the surgeon with excellent hemostasis.

  • E3000

  • EM1000

  • ED1000

  • Lithospec

  • Thermaspec

  • MultiPulse HoPLUS

  • MultiPulse Ho

  • MultiPulse Tm+1470